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Photos of What Parisians are Wearing - Winter 2011-2012


Parisians photographed on the streets of Paris, France in the Winter Season 2011-12.

Back in Black - The "Parisian uniform", seen on women of all ages, is an all black ensemble of short skirts, tights and mid-calf booties.

Knee high riding boots are still insanely popular. Bad news for jean lovers. With this season's emphasis on showing off your legs, leggings and skirts outnumber blue jeans on the streets of Paris by a ration of 10 to 1.

Parisians effortlessly change their look by swapping boots for a pair of heels.

Parisians dress-up their legs in black, lacy tights. Paired with skirts, shorts and even business suits.

Browns and Oranges - All black not your style - Parisians warm up a dark palette with browns, tans, oranges and greens.

Women of all ages mix and match a warm colors for a stylish alternative to black.

Red Sparks - For a spark of color, Parisians accessorize with red shoes...

...scarves and leggings...

...large, red handbags...

... and red coats.

Scarves - In addition to wool scarves and patterned pashminas, Parisians are wearing long, chunky, hand-knitted, scarves in shades of red, black, camel and grey.

Puffy Coats and Shiny Jackets - Comfortable "puffy" coats are seen on chilly Parisian days.

Faux, leather coats with a glossy shine is a new trend seen on the streets this winter.

Youth Trends - Converse Tennis Shoes, and UGGs

Converse tennis shoes are a comfortable alternative to boots.

For the first time that I can remember, UGG boots are prominently displayed in Parisian department stores and worn on the streets by Parisians of all ages.

Sweaters and Capes - Large, asymmetrical sweaters and capes are in style this season.

Menswear Trends - Scarves, scarves, and more scarves...

Skinny jeans, rolled or cuffed at the ankle.

Dress pants are fitted, not loose, with sharp, pressed, creases running down the front of the pant leg.

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Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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