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Before Traveling to Paris, France


Before escaping to Paris, France, read our helpful articles full of Paris travel tips that you won't find in most popular guidebooks.

Paris Basics - Reasons to travel to Paris, France (like you need more convincing), best months for travel, and how much common items cost in Paris.

Paris Budget - How create a daily budget for your trip, how much groceries cost, and how much you can expect to spend in a Parisian cafe.

What to Pack - Eleven essential items to pack, and three common things you should leave at home. Also, here are the six travel gadgets I can't travel to Paris without.

Before You Leave Home Checklist - Once your suitcases are packed, make sure that you have all your documents and finances in order by viewing this checklist. Yes, its not the most exciting topic. But, these tips will help you avoid unexpected hassles overseas.

Paris in the Springtime - Traveling to Paris this spring? Read our list of must-see and do activities.

What to Wear for Women - How much makeup do Parisian women wear? What types of shoes should I pack? Do I have to wear black? Read this page for answers to these questions and more.

What to Wear for Men - General tips for what men's clothes to pack for your trip.

What to Wear For Spring/Summer 2013 - Confused on what clothes and shoes to pack? Check out the trends we noticed on the streets of Paris for this season.

Photos of What the French are Wearing - Spring - Traveling to France this Spring? Check out our street pics to help you pack for your trip.

What Shoes to Wear in Paris in 2013 - The best shoes that combine style and comfort for walking in Paris. Lists shoes for all types of travelers. Includes where to buy shoes in Paris.

Recommended Travel Guide Books - First time visitor, experienced traveler, foodie, shopoholic, looking for romance, or bringing the kids, we have the guide book for you.

Do's and Dont's - Tips to avoid being an accidental "ugly American."

Saving Time and Money

Money Savers - With the current dismal USD to euro exchange rate, you'll need all the money saving tips you can find. Here's thirteen simple tips guaranteed to save you money on your next trip to Paris.

Time Savers - Time in Paris is your most precious commodity - don't waste it. Read our time saving tips to make restaurant reservations in advance, find the best time to visit museums, and more.

Sanity Savers - Travel to a foreign country can be mentally exhausting. Read our sanity savers to have a more relaxed trip to the City of Lights.

What If ...Worst Case Scenarios

Plan for the best, prepare for the worst - what to do if things don't go as planned in Paris.

1. You're Not Feeling Well. Where Do You Buy Medicine?

2. What is Your Medicine Called in French? - Us to French Pharmacy Cheat Sheet.

2. Your ATM Card Does Not Work.

3. Your Credit Card Does Not Work.

4. Your Cell Phone Doesn't Work.

5. Your Metro Ticket Doesn't Work.

6. You Need a Taxi Cab that Speaks English.

7. Your Wi-Fi Connection is Down.

8. Help! You are at Wit's End and Do Not Know What to Do.

Getting Around

Riding the Paris Metro - Video of everything you need to know to save time and money on the Paris metro.

How to get from CDG Airport into Paris:

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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