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Paris What to Wear Photos - Summer 2011


Fashions gradually change from year to year. To help you pack for your trip to Paris this season, view our photos of what Parisians were wearing on the streets of Paris from Summer 2011.


Light and airy, with romantic prints or flirty hemlines, Parisians love to wear sundresses. Perfect for strolling along the Seine or sunbathing with a glass of champagne in a sidewalk cafe, a sundress is the one item you shouldn't travel to Paris without. Pick a length and style that flatters you, and don't worry about your age. Women of all ages are wearing sundresses this season.

Classic Black - Travel-friendly black is always in style.

Neutrals - For an alternative to black or white, consider taupe, browns and tans. Pair with a bright purse or flats to brighten up your outfit.

Maxi-Dresses - Choose a maxi-dress for an elegant alternative to short skirts or pants. Long, flowing skirts in a light-weight fabrics are surprisingly cool on hot, summer days.

Chiffons - Layered chiffons in white, pastels and florals capture the essence of summer. Pick a layered skirt in a flattering length, then pair with a fitted top for a balanced look.

Simple Shift Dresses - What could be more comfortable for sightseeing than a simple, waistless, shift dress?

You'll see shift dresses on Parisians of all ages - even Mom's are rockin' a shift sundress.

For a more structured look, cinch your waist with a relaxed belt.

Bright Florals - Bored of the basics, try a bright floral print.

Accessories - Dress up your sundress and show off your best features by wearing wedge sandals, bangle bracelets, decorative belts or bright ballet flats.


Harem Pants - Harem pants are a breathable alternative to tight pants in the summer.

Extremely comfortable and flattering on most body types, you'll see Parisians of all ages wearing harem pants.

Jeans and Shorts - With jeans and shorts, anything goes. You'll see skinny jeans, relaxed boyfriend jeans rolled above the ankle...

...capris and shorts, with leggings underneath on chilly days.

Shirts and Blouses

Following the relaxed peasant trend from the 70s, pack a comfortable, loose blouse in a color and style that complements your figure.

In addition to basic blacks and tans, for a touch of color, corals, peaches and lavenders are popular on the streets of Paris this season.

Tunics - Don't leave home without packing a long, tunic shirt. A practical choice for sightseeing or biking like a local.

Tunics look great with leggings or capris...

..or with loose pants.


Parisians make a statement with accessories. This season hot pink or magenta purses were seen everywhere on the streets of Paris. For a less colorful statement, try a muted lime green, yellow or orange bag. Purses are large and unstructured - perfect for holding your tourists "must-haves" like a map, tour book, camera and bottle of water.


If you look again at the photos above, you'll notice that the shoes of the season are strappy sandals, gladiator styles and casual thongs. What is harder to see in the photos is the high quality of their footwear. The marble side walks and cobble-stoned streets tend to destroy cheaply made shoes while giving you a killer foot ache. Instead, like the French, invest in a pair of fashionable sandals made for walking. The sandals below are examples of how you can look chic and be comfortable at the same time.


While summer style is more relaxed, Parisian men still take care with their appearance. Jeans are relaxed and tapered at the ankle. Breathable linen or cotton are popular fabrics for both shorts and shirts.

Longer cargo shorts or "manpris" are a popular style, cut usually at or below the knees giving you an alternative to the baggy cargo shorts you see in the U.S.

For business wear, Parisian men do not shy away from color. If you are packing a tie, the color of the moment is lavender. Lavender ties and shirts were seen everywhere on Parisian men this season.


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You don't buy a new wardrobe every year and neither do the Parisians. Check out our photos from past years for more inspiration on what to pack.

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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