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Hotel Des Deux-Îles Review


Hotel Des Deux-Îles

Location: Île Saint Louis
Address: 59 Rue Saint-Louis-en-I'le, 75004 Paris
Tel: 01 43 26 13 35
Fax: 01 43 29 60 25

Hotel Des Deux-Îles Overview

A small boutique hotel on the lovely Île Saint Louis. Choose this hotel if you're committed to staying on Île Saint Louis.

We stayed at the Hotel Des Deux Îles in Room 221. The street-side room contained a single bed. The rate was 146 euros/night.

Hotel Des Deux-Îles Ratings

Classified as a three star hotel. Our ratings (1 -5 stars):

Overall: 3 stars - Good choice if you prefer to stay on Île St. Louis, a charming island in the heart of Paris. If you're picking a hotel based on location, you'll be pleased with the The Hotel Deux Îles. If you're looking for a hotel room oozing Parisian ambiance, this is not the hotel for you.

Location: 5 stars - Located on Île St. Louis, a small island wrapped by the Seine in the heart of historic Paris. This is an ideal location to stay, since you are a short walk to many Parisian attractions, such as the Notre Dame, the Latin Quarter and the Marais. The hotel is located on the Rue Saint-Louis-en-I'le, one of the most romantic streets in Paris for window shopping and dining. The Île St. Louis boasts the highest real estate prices in Paris, and the hotel rates in this area reflect the desirability of staying on this Island.

Style and Decor: 3 stars - Comfortable and clean, this hotel met our expectations. However, the Île St. Louis exudes the charm and romance of old Paris - walking down its quiet, small streets, you can almost imagine that you are living in the 14th century. We wished that the style and decor of this hotel matched the exterior ambiance. Instead, our room's plain bamboo furniture, and Carribean inspired bedspreads left us a feeling like we were in Miami, not sleeping in one of the oldest buildings in Paris. Each of the 17 rooms is identically decorated.

Staff - 3 stars - The staff was friendly and knowledgeable about the area. No special treatment during this stay, the staff was very busy in this packed hotel.

Amenities: 4 stars - The lobby is decorated in traditional French style and contained overstuffed couches with copies of the English language International Tribune and an assortment of other newspapers. For a fee, the hotel offered "wi-fi" access for your laptop by buying a card at the front desk containing the wi-fi access codes. For 4 euros, you can buy 30 minutes of access time.

The most striking rooms in the hotel are housed in the downstairs/basement. A series of libraries or small sitting rooms, complete with stone arches and walls, fireplaces, cosy chairs and an excellent selection of guidebooks, make a charming place to relax after a long day of sightseeing or to eat breakfast before embarking on your day.

Value for Money: 3 stars - The primary value in this hotel is its location, location and location. If you want to reside on Île St. Louis this hotel is a good value for your money.

Hotel Des Deux-Îles Room Details

Room - We stayed in Room 221, a streetside single. The room contained a single bed, a desk with glass top, and two brown rattan chairs. The room was very small, but we expected this since the buildings on Île St. Louis are some of the oldest in Paris. The room was painted beige and the only spot of color was the bright, floral bedspread and mustard-yellow curtains. The television included numerous French cable stations.

Although the room was streetside, it was very quiet at night. The walls appeared a bit thin (strange in an old hotel, usually the walls are thick), and we could hear the neighbors talking through the walls at night.

Bathroom - The bathroom was spacious compared to the room's living area. It was newly remodeled with a bright, blue ceramic floor, and white tÎle walls. A charming mosiac of a blue vase of flowers dominates one wall. The shower was a "US style shower" (e.g., real showerhead positioned comfortable for a six foot + tall man to stand under). No old water pipes here - the water pressure was amazing.

The bright, well-lit bathroom also contained large, fluffy bathtowels, an up-to-date hair dryer, and plenty of shelves to store items. The up-scale toiletries contained a personal wash cloth - a nice touch for American visitors.

The Hotel Deux Îles website contains photos that accurately depict the room and bathroom that we stayed in.

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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