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Paris Metro - How to Buy Tickets


When traveling to Paris, our number one time and money saving tip is to ride the Paris metro. In a city known for traffic jams and taxis that charge by distance as well as time, taking the Paris metro is a no-brainer.

The 13 lines of the Paris metro zig-zag across Paris with stops often a few blocks apart. This means that where ever you are in Paris, you are never more than a few minutes walk to a metro station. And, by riding the metro, you can zoom across Paris in less than 30 minutes.

In the past, you could buy metro tickets at a counter inside the station. Today, you'll be directed to a bank of green automated ticket machines inside the station.


1. To buy a ticket, walk up to the machine. You'll notice that the options are in French.

Turn the wheel at the bottom of the screen. Select "Acheter des tickets, coupons." This means "Buy your tickets". Click the green button.


2. Next, you'll see a selection of tickets for purchase. We highly recommend buying a "carnet" of 10 tickets. The price of a carnet is under 11 euros and you'll save 30% over single ticket prices. If you're staying in Paris for more than a few days, you'll use 10 tickets.


Use the wheel to scroll down and select "Carnet 10 Tickets".

3. Choose how many carnets to purchase. We usually select "1" and split the tickets between our group.


4. The next screen asks if you would like a receipt. Say "No."


5. Pay for your tickets. Credit cards are shown as an option, however, unfortunately United States credit cards will not work in the automated machines in Paris. European credit cards contain a "micro-chip" that is missing from American credit cards. Instead, you'll have to pay cash.


Insert your euro bills and change. Your carnet will be printed and distributed at the bottom of the machine.


6. If at any point, you need help, such as the machine doesn't print your tickets, press the Red button to talk to an attendant.


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Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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