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How Much Do Groceries and Snacks Cost in Paris, France?


Renting a Parisian apartment and preparing a few home-cooked meals can result in a huge cost savings. Save money by:

Below is a chart showing how much common items cost if purchased in a French supermarket like Franprix or Monoprix. You can easily find a local grocery store in every Parisian neighborhood.

Paris Grocery Prices in 2012

  Price in Euros Notes
1.00 125g - enough for a week
Yogurt - Activa
1.60 4 small containers
Yogurt - Yoplait
2.50 8 small containers
Ham - Superior Grade
3.00 4 slices
Frozen Pizza
3.00- 4.00 1 medium pizza
Ice Cream
6.00 Pint of Haagen Daaz
1.90 Emmental - 4 slices
Bread - Sandwich Loaf
1.40 14 slices
Candy Bar
1.70 Lindt or C'ote d'Or - large
Preserves or Jam
2.00 Raspberry or Apricot - jar
1.95 220g jar
Chips - Lays
1.35 13.5g - small bag
Chips - Pringles
1.50 Can
.75 Pound of Pasta - Barilla
Pasta Sauce
2.25 Jar - Barilla
Toilet Paper
1.85 Six rolls
Crackers or Biscuits
1.55 Package of 40 crackers
3.50 1kg
2.00 250g - 2 tomatoes
2.50 1kg - 2 large apples
1.00 1 head of lettuce
1.40 Napoleon or Mille-Feuilles
Pain au chocolat
1.0 Chocolate filled croissant
Rotisserie Chicken
10.00 Meal for Four


Paris Beverage Prices in 2012

All drinks purchased at a grocery store. Prices will be higher in convenience stores and at wine sellers.

  Price in Euros Notes
1.00 Liter container
Orange Juice
2.40 Liter of Tropicana
Tea Bags
2.25 Earl Grey - 25 bags
2.15 Instant - 18 servings
Coke - Cans
4.00 Six pack - cans
Coke - Bottle
1.50 1.5 liter bottle
2.00 Six pack - 1.0 liter bottles
Beer - Heineken
5.00 Six pack - cans
Champagne - Veuve Clicquot
36.00 Bottle
Champagne - Lalitte
22.00 Bottle
4.00 - 7.00 Bottle


Price of Snack Foods from Street Vendors

View the chart below to see how much you'll save purchasing snacks from a street vendor vs. eating in a cafe.

  Price in Euros Notes
Water - 16oz. Bottle 2.00 In cafe, 4€ . Order a carafe of tap water instead.
Coke- 16oz. Bottle 3.00 In cafes, can range from 4-6€. Order wine instead.
Crepe - Sugar or Jam 3.00 In cafes, 6-7€. Try from a street vendor. Taste just as good.
Crepe - Ham and Cheese 4.50 In cafes, 10-12€. Try from a street vendor. Taste just as good.
Ham and Cheese Baguette 4 In cafe, 4-6€. Good value for the money in a cafe. If not on the menu, just ask. All cafes serve sandwiches.
Panini 5.0  
Starbucks Coffee 4.50 Take out. In cafe's average price for small cup is 2.5 - 4€. In famous cafes, cost can be 6€ and up, but you are paying for the location.
Falafel in the Marais 3.80 Not to be missed. Advertised as "Best Falafel in the World", and they are right.
Macaroon from Laduree 2.00 An expensive cookie, but a must experience when in Paris.

To convert these amounts using today's exchange rate, take a deep breath and go here.


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Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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