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Taxis from Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Airport into Paris


Taking a Taxi Into Paris


Easy and Convenient. Follow the signs in the airport, stop at a taxi stand and give the driver your address. It doesn't get any easier than this, and can feel like heaven after a long transatlantic flight.

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1. Expensive. To the Left Bank, expect to pay approximately 55€. If you're very lucky and are staying in a location close to the highway on the Right Bank, you'll pay 35€. There is a surcharge of around 1€ per bag.

2. Not Guaranteed to be the Fastest Way into the Paris. During weekday rush hour, you'll sit in gridlock on your way into the city. Unlike the US, taxis in Paris charge by the kilometers traveled and by the amount of time that you spend in the cab - making sitting in traffic an expensive proposition as well as a waste of time.

Read our The Most Expensive Cab Ride of Our Life for more info on what could go wrong taking a cab into Paris.

Reasons to Take a Taxi

1. You have Two or More Travelers in Your Party - By splitting the fare between passengers, the cost of a taxi can compare favorably to public transportation. For example, a cab to the Left Bank for 3 people will cost 18€/person. About the same price as an airport shuttle bus with the convenience of traveling directly to your hotel.

2. You're Carrying Heavy Luggage - Before leaving home, if you find it impossible to carry all your luggage by yourself up and down a flight of stairs consider taking a cab. You'll have help with your bags and you'll avoid the hassle of "lugging your luggage" through crowded metro stations.

Travel Tips for Taking a Taxi

1. Remember to Tip - Unlike Parisian restaurants, service is not included in the fare. 5- 10% of the total fare is an acceptable tip for your cab driver. Tip more for better service (e.g., carrying heavy luggage up stairs, etc.)

2. Give Written Directions to Your Driver - To avoid "communication problems", if you're unsure of the French pronunciation of your address, write it on a piece of paper and hand it to your driver.

3. Locating Taxis - If you're departing at Terminal 1 (see Trains: Travel Tips #1 to find your airline's terminal), Taxi stands are located at Gate 20. In Terminal 2, taxi stands are more numerous - look for the taxi signs and exit the appropriate door.

4. Fare Increases - By law, on Sundays, and before 7:00AM and after 7:00PM, you'll see a slight increase in your fare.

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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