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Roissybus or Air France Bus from Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Airport


Taking the Roissybus or Air France Bus into Paris


Cost and Convenience. The Roissybus, part of the Paris Mass Transit system, and the Air France bus, provide direct service into central Paris from the airport. If your hotel is close to one of the airport bus stops, the 45 minute bus ride will save you the time and the hassle of transferring on the metro.

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The fare is cheap - from 8.5€ to 11.5€ depending on your stop. No need for reservations - you pay the driver when you enter the bus.


1. It's a Bus. If you don't like searching for a seat and being separated from your luggage, taking the bus may not be a good choice for you.

2. The Traffic Factor. During rush hour, the bus may be stuck in traffic. But, unlike a cab, at least the meter isn't running.

Reasons to Take the Bus

1. Your Hotel is Located near the Opera Metro Station. If you're staying in one of the many hotels near Opera, such as the Le Grand Hotel Intercontinental, the Park Hyatt, or the Ritz, taking the Roissybus is a no-brainer. The Roissybus picks you up at the airport and drops you off at the corner of rue Scribe and rue Auber - diagonally from from the Opera metro station. For 8.5€ that you pay the driver upon entry, you'll be dropped within walking distance of these hotels.

2. Your Hotel is Located on a Metro Line that Connects through the Opera Station. The Roissybus drops riders off across from the Opera metro station. You can easily hop off the bus and catch the metro to your hotel. You may save some time over taking the train into the city if your hotel is located a few stops from Opera on Lines 3,7, or 8.

For example, if your hotel is located near the Bastille, take the Roissybus to Opera, then catch the Line 8 metro for a quick seven stops to the Bastille station.

3. Your Hotel is Located Near the Arc de Triomphe, Montparnasse Tower, or Gare de Lyon.

You don't need to fly Air France to take one of their two bus lines into Paris. For both lines, the cost is 12€ one way or 18€ round trip, and you pay the driver as you enter. The Air France Bus Line 2 stops at Porte Maillot and Arc de Triomphe at 1 Avenue Carnot.

The Air France Bus Line 4 stops at Gare de Lyon (20, bls BD Diderot) and continues to Montparnasse (Rue du Commandant Mouchette).

Again, you may be able to save some time by combining the Air France bus with a Metro ride. For example, if you are staying in the Marais by the St. Paul station, you could take the Air France bus to the Arc de Triomphe, then hop on the Line 1 train at Charles de Gaulle Etoile, and travel 11 stops to St. Paul.

Travel Tips for Taking the Bus

1. Locate your Bus Stop. The Roissybus to Opera departs every 15 minutes from Terminals 1 and 2. Just follow the signs and hop on. If you're the only person waiting, you may need to flag the bus as it circles the Terminal.

The Air France bus stops at Gate 34 at the Arrivals level in Terminal 1. Terminal 2 B/D, go to Gate B1. Terminal 2 A/C, go to Gate C2. The bus picks up new passengers every 15-30 minutes.

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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