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Airport Shuttle Bus from Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Airport


Taking an Airport Hotel Shuttle Bus into Paris


Easy - Numerous private airport shuttles arrange pick-ups at CDG for transport into Paris. The main benefit of a private airport shuttle is the ease of booking and the "no worry" factor.

1. Pre-arranged Pick-Up - You make shuttle reservations from the States before you leave so you know exactly where to meet the shuttle and the shuttle service knows when you'll be arriving. You won't be "left in the lurch" if your flight is delayed.

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2. English-Speaking Drivers - All drivers are English speaking so you'll have no "lost in translation moments".

3. Direct from the Airport to the Entrance of Your Hotel - Unlike the Roissybus and the Air France bus, your driver will take you directly to your hotel so "no worries" about getting to your destination. The driver will also help you with your baggage - a bonus if you don't travel on the "light side".


1. The Waiting Game - Private Shuttles don't run as frequently as the other CDG transportation options. Depending on when your flight arrives and the service's schedule, plan on a 30 minute to 1 hour wait for your shuttle.

2. Not the Fastest Way Into Paris - Shuttles transport numerous passengers at once into Paris. Passengers are dropped at their hotel in a schedule pre-determined by the driver. If your hotel is the first stop, great! You'll be checked in 45 minutes after entering the shuttle. If your hotel is the last stop, be prepared for a leisurely 2 1/2 hour tour of Paris.

3. Expensive - Shuttles charge fees based on the size of your party - one-way fares are around 30-40€ for one person and 40-45€ for parties of two. The fee is set - no surprises if you sit in traffic. You'll save 5-10€ over taking a cab, but your trade-off is time. A cab delivers your party directly to your hotel. A shuttle may stop at other hotels before reaching your destination.

Reasons to Take an Airport Shuttle

1. You are Traveling in a Large Party - Shuttles are a great choice for families traveling together or parties over 3 people. Instead of taking two taxis, you can all travel together in a shuttle. Also, many shuttle companies offer substantial discounts for groups over 3 people.

Travel Tips for Taking an Airport Shuttle

1. Know Your Pick-Up Point - When making a shuttle reservation, you'll be assigned a spot to meet your driver. Make sure that you explicitly understand where the pick-up spot is located. It may not be marked with a shuttle indicator that you are familiar with from US airports. Typically, your credit card is billed when you make the reservation with no refunds if you miss your shuttle.

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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