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How Much Does Food and Drink Cost in Parisian Cafes?


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Soaking up the atmosphere on a Parisian sidewalk cafe is an experience not to be missed. But, how much should you expect to pay for a drink and a snack/small meal?

In Paris cafes, you are paying for the food and drink as well as the location and atmosphere. On the same block, a cafe on the street corner with a great view may command higher prices than the small cafe in the middle of the block. Prices are displayed outside so you can comparison shop.

Prices in a Parisian Cafe

Item Price in euros
Glass of champagne 7€ and up
Carafe of wine 8
Glass of wine 3
Cup of Hot Chocolate 5
Plate of French Fries (pomme frites) 5
Beer 5
Bottle of Coke 4-6
Ham and Cheese on a baguette 4
Crepe, sugar or jam 6-7
Crepe, ham and cheese 9-12
Grilled cheese (croque monsieur) 6
Salad (mixed w/ goat cheese or tuna) 7
Cheese Plate 6

To convert these amounts using today's exchange rate, take a deep breath and go here.

Famous cafes or the Grand Cafes listed in most tour books, such as Les Deux Magots and Cafe Flores in St. Germain des Pres, and Le Cafe de la Paix by the Opera will charge substantially more than the costs listed above.

Remember, that unlike in the States, once you place an order, the table is yours for the day. The waiter is paid an hourly wage and does not depend on tips and turnover of tables to make a living. So, do as the Parisians do - relax at a outside table, rest your feet, leisurely sip a glass of wine, and enjoy the view. You are in Paris!

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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