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Five Paris Favorites


Five, fabulous Paris experiences for all budgets.

1. Evening Cocktails at the Eiffel Tower. Why spend a fortune at overpriced Jules Verne, the Eiffel Tower restaurant, when you can rest your feet at the trendy Altitude 95, on the 2nd level. For 5€ for a glass of wine, or 10€ for glass of Champagne, sit at a table overlooking the Seine and marvel at the cacaphony of lights that is Paris at night.

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2. Crepes on the street for a quick snack. Crepes are the French fast food, and sold at small kiosks around Paris. For a filling lunch order a jambon and fromage (ham and cheese) (3€). For a kick, order the Grand Marnier, a crepe filled with the decadent orange liquor (4€).

3. Window shopping through the streets of St. Germain des Prés and the Marais. You'll understand why the French translation for "window shopping" is literally "licking the windows".

4. Sunset Mass at the Notre-Dame. The Notre-Dame is not a historic relic, but a working Catholic church. Attend a service to fully appreciate the grandeur of this 12th century landmark.

5. A Shopping Break at the Champagne Bar in the Galeries Lafayette - Shopped Out? Curious as to whether that 100€ bottle of Champagne is worth the splurge? Purchase the best French champagne by the glass at this 2nd floor bar in the Galeries Lafayette, one of the world's first department stores.

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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