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Paris Basics


Why Paris?

The City Of Lights - Paris is known as the "La Ville Lumiere" , the City of Lights. Walking along the Seine at night is like seeing fireworks for the first time - it truly takes your breathe away.

170 Museums- Interested in medieval tapestries, egyptian mummies, greek sculpture, chinese porcelin, or the greatest collection of Impressionist paintings in the world, Paris has a museum for you.

Become a Flaneur - A "flaneur" is a stroller, who goes wherever his/her curiosity leads, collecting impressions on the way. Paris is best seen on foot as a flaneur. Leave your itinerary behind and aimlessley wander. Each quartier is beautiful and holds its own unique charms and treasures.

Café Culture - Sit in an outdoor café, order a café creme or kir royale and watch the world walk by. Leave your cares at home and savor the moment. Or, take inspiration from the surroundings, like Hemingway, Sartre, and Proust did, and record your impressions in a travel journal.

Fabulous Style Ideas - Want to wear the latest fashions a year before they arrive in the US? Desperate for a new look for your living room that doesn't scream "Pottery Barn"? A weekend spent window shopping in Paris can open your eyes to new possibilities, and change your perceptions on design, color and the definition of "tres chic".

Eating as an Art Form- In Paris, dinner is not only a meal, it is an art form. Bask in the candle-lit ambiance, drink great wine, and let yourself be overwhelmed by the attention to detail - from the table linens to the presentation on the plate, from the personal attention of the chef (many chefs come to your table to ask about your meal) to the flavors of the cuisine. You don't need to spend a fortune for this experience. The philosophy that "food nurtures more than the body, it feeds the soul" is noticeable in the smallest, most reasonably-priced restaurants.

When to Go?

October or February. It's the off-season. Tourists are at a minimum. No lines to get into the popular attractions, the Parisians that you meet aren't burned out from too many tourists, great airfares and hotel rates, and it's Sale Days in February (Les Soldes - the weeks each year that the department stores and boutiques significantly mark down prices).

How Much?

In Paris, like most major first world cities, the sky's the limit. Want to spend $10,000/night on a hotel suite? The Ritz will accomodate you. However, compared to Manhattan or London, Paris can be downright economical.

Bottle of Water - 1€
Hotel for two, boutique, Left Bank - 150€
Cup of coffee in a café - 3€
Crepes on the street - 4€
Glass of Champagne - 9€
Eiffel Tower Tickets - 7€
Metro Ticket - 1.4€
Good 3 course meal in a restaurant - 30€/person
Insanely great meal in a restaurant - 100€/person

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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